Live the Language

Spanish Immersion trip for Lower Sixth students

Granada is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

– William Shakespeare

Live the Language is a tailored immersion trip run by Spanish specialists to help students consolidate the first year of their A-Level course and boost confidence in their linguistic abilities at a crucial stage in their studies.

With a week’s language immersion, cultural experiences centred around exam topics, and individually customised tuition in a fully supportive environment, Lower Sixth students will stretch skills, get ahead with exam techniques, and find their voice in Spanish.

Dates – Summer holidays 2020

For students between Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth in academic year 2020/2021:

Tues 7 – Tues 14 July 2020


See note on Covid-19 / Coronavirus

For students between Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth in academic year 2020/2021:

Thurs 16 – Thurs 23 July 2020


See note on Covid-19 / Coronavirus

For students between Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth in academic year 2020/2021:

Sat 25 July – Sat 1 Aug 2020


See note on Covid-19 / Coronavirus

Trips, Tours & Treats

To fully immerse Lower Sixth students in the Spanish language and culture of Andalucía, while supplementing the A-Level topics, Live the Language includes trips to places of cultural and historic significance in Granada and La Axarquía.

All tours are in Spanish, led by experts in their fields, and tailored to the A-Level topics and vocabulary. Students will live the language and culture in new and unique ways, boosting skills and making memories that will always stay with them.

R&R in Granada

La Alhambra

El Albaicín


La plaza de toros


Literature & Lorca

R&R in La Axarquía


El Acebuchal ‘the lost village’

La Burriana beach


Tailored tuition and academic guidance

Live the Language helps students to build linguistic awareness and confidence whilst immersing them in a cultural context. With customised tuition and individual support, we consolidate existing knowledge, stretch linguistic skills, and give students the strongest of foundations on which they’ll keep building. Always available and there to help, our team makes learning easy and progress guaranteed.

Tailored tuition

All tuition is tailored to the academic needs of our students. 

On booking, students will receive an academic questionnaire that covers each element of the A-Level exam, from topics to texts to grammar, as well as a short assessment to establish current knowledge and level of attainment.  

The questionnaire and assessment will highlight all areas of confidence whilst also bringing to the fore those that require further consolidation. Our tutor will use the data to inform the preparation and content of the tuition on the trip.

Tutored sessions

To supplement their daily language immersion on the Live the Language trip, students will receive the following tuition in sessions tailored to their academic needs:

9 hours of group sessions – exam topics, grammar, film and literary text essay questions, and exam techniques in all skill areas.

90 minutes’ one-to-one session with Sarah-Jane (tutor and examiner), tailored to individual needs.

Three 30 minutes’ one-to-one conversation classes with Isabel (native conversation assistant).

Session details

Group sessions

In our group sessions, students will consolidate all topics and vocabulary from the first year of the A-Level course, extending their skills to exam questions. They will learn how to spot the pitfalls for themselves and how to start employing effective exam techniques.

The sessions will hone grammatical usage to ensure accuracy and complexity, and revise topic-related vocabulary. In addition, students will be taught how to structure and write an analytical essay in Spanish on the literary text and the film that fulfils all assessment objectives of the exam board.

Conversation classes

Individual conversation classes with Isabel will take the format of the actual speaking exam, giving students the chance to practise stimulus cards and discussions of sub-themes, as well as building their confidence in spontaneous communication. 

Isabel will guide students through the marking criteria, helping them to understand what they need to reach a high grade. She will correct linguistic mistakes and pronunciation to ensure accuracy and make suggestions on how to improve spoken responses.

Private tuition

One-to-one tuition sessions with Sarah-Jane will focus entirely on what each student needs to feel confident and equipped. In advance of their session, students will be asked to complete a form that will encourage them to consider what they need most from the session, whether that’s focus on a grammatical niggle or issues of essay-writing. Together with Sarah-Jane, each student will turn their individual academic weak areas into strengths, boosting skills and confidence. 

Independent study

We provide set study sessions each day for students to consolidate skills they learn in sessions, or to revise other A-Level subjects. During study sessions, wi-fi will be turned off to discourage distractions; students will be asked to put phones on silent and keep screen-time to a minimum. 

Study sessions will only be interrupted to call students to conversation classes or private tuition sessions, otherwise students are expected to maintain the required focus and silence conducive to study.  

One of our Trip Assistants, Kate or Lily, will be close at hand to help students with revision strategies or to answer A-Level related questions. 

Follow-up feedback

Over the course of the week, following formative and summative assessments, our team records each student’s academic progress to include areas of competence and challenge. 

Once students have returned home, parents will be sent a personalised report detailing their child’s progress and conduct over the week. The report includes observations on all key skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) across key topic areas and exam components, with suggestions on how students can further raise their attainment level. 

A-Level Topics

A-Level Spanish not only requires students to develop confident and effective communication skills, but also expects them to show a thorough understanding of the culture in countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

R&R has it all covered.

Our trips, tours, tasks and local interaction take students to the heart of Spanish life, providing direct experience of exam topics and bringing the A-Level syllabus to life. With active participation and personal experience, students will learn and practise vocabulary, terminology and idiom appropriate to the following thematic areas of study:

Aspects of Hispanic society 

Attitudes to marriage / divorce / influence of Catholic church / equal rights


Immigration / racism / education

Artistic culture

Regional heritage
– music / traditions and customs / gastronomy 

Cultural heritage – art and architecture

Political Life

Youth and activism

Franco dictatorship

Visiting speakers & interviews

Students will have the opportunity to develop communication strategies through interaction with local people who are active in the fields that the exam topics explore. 

Visiting speakers will come from a variety of areas – from those responsible for equal rights in the workplace, to flamenco dancers, to divorce lawyers – and students will carry out topic-related tasks to practise speaking and listening skills, and gain confidence in their abilities.

Once students feel secure in applying knowledge of pronunciation, syntax, vocabulary and idiom in all the key topic areas, they will be properly equipped to handle whatever challenges the exams present. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Retreats and Revision is an Approved Activity Provider for the Residential section of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, making sure students get as much as possible from our trips.

The AAP Licence is a quality standard which shows that R&R’s revision trips have been proven to meet the requirements of the DofE Residential section. DofE participants can use the services of an AAP with absolute confidence. 

We ensure that all students’ activities are assessed and signed-off in accordance with DofE criteria and sectional conditions. 

With R&R, students really can go for Gold. 

For the DofE website, please click here.

The R&R Team

Our Tutor – Sarah-Jane

The company Director and Spanish Tutor, Sarah-Jane, is not only a qualified teacher and examiner with twenty years in education, but she is also an experienced interpreter and tour manager who’s lived and worked in Spain and many South American countries. Live the Language brings together all elements of her expertise and experience to give students the very best of R&R.

In 2013, she launched a private tuition company, eastuition, now a local leader in its field with results that speak for themselves. With a proven track record in boosting confidence and grades in Spanish and English A-Level, Sarah-Jane will tailor tuition through every paper of the exam so students are equipped for the highest marks. 

Our Spanish Guide – Isabel

A native malagűeña, Isabel is an authorised tour guide and experienced conversation assistant who has also worked with groups of students to improve their language skills. After studying a two-year Diploma in Tourism and qualifying as an official guide, Isabel now delights in showing people from all over the world the most special places in the province that she’s so passionate about. 

Isabel has an innate and contagious desire to share her culture and language and knows exactly how to encourage interest and communication. She will lead city tours of Granada and Málaga, and will be living with us throughout the trip, making Spanish the spoken language at Casería de Milan.

Each student will benefit from three individual conversation sessions with Isabel over the course of the week, replicating the requirements of the A-Level speaking exam. 

Our Trip Assistant – Kate

A former student of eastuition, Kate knows just what it takes to hit the highest marks in the A-Level – in only two years of studying Spanish from scratch, Kate achieved an A* in her final exam. 

Now in her first year at Leeds studying a joint Honours in Spanish and Arabic, Kate is passionate about language learning and loves Granada. Keen to keep up her language skills and help others reach their potential, Kate will be with us to assist students with their studies and revision.

Our Trip Assistant – Lily

What a difference a year makes! Last year Lily was studying A-Level Spanish with eastuition, this year she’s at King’s College reading a BA Honours in Spanish and European Studies. With another year to wait before her placement in Madrid, Lily’s excited about joining R&R in Granada, a city on her wish-list. 

Lily’s proof of what can be achieved through hard work and self-belief, and she looks forward to being there for students to share her experiences and help with queries. 

Our Axarquía Guide – Cipriano

Perhaps because he grew up amongst tourism in the capital town of La Axarquía, Cipriano became fascinated with languages and studied a degree in Interpreting which he followed with a master’s degree in Tourism before setting up his own tour company (Oletrips). 

An authorised guide, Cipriano has boundless passion and enthusiasm for Andalucía and loves sharing what he knows with others.  Students are in for a treat with the tour of Frigiliana and El Acebuchal that he’s tailored around the A-Level topics especially for R&R. ¡Olé!

What’s included

What’s included

Live the Language is an all-inclusive immersion trip that provides the following:

  • Luxury accommodation in single, twin or shared rooms. 
  • Bathroom towels, swimming towels and linen are included.
  • All meals and non-alcoholic drinks to include: breakfast, lunch and supper (and three meals out); mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.
  • 9 hours’ tailored group sessions to cover all exam topics and key skills.
  • Three 30-minute individual conversation sessions to replicate the speaking exam.
  • One 90-minunte individual tuition session personalised to student requirements.
  • Personalised feedback report sent to parents in follow-up 
  • All tours, entrance tickets, cultural experiences and transport between, to include the Alhambra and gardens, Lorca museum, bullring, Sacramento cave museum, local taxis to Granada, bus to Fuente Vaqueros, transport and tours to Frigiliana, El Acebuchal and Nerja, kayak tour, flamenco show.
  • Group airport transfer on day of arrival and departure (only one transfer is included for flights from Gatwick to Granada arriving on a Saturday evening – see our Terms for details). 

What’s not included

  • Flights to and from Granada.
  • Airport transfer to and from Granada airport beyond the one included.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Food, drinks or snacks beyond those already included.


£1489 per student

£1489 per student, fully inclusive of accommodation, all meals, tailored tours, trips and tuition, revision materials, conversation classes, airport transfer. 


Standard double room FOR ONE

no additonal charge


Standard single room FOR ONE

no additional charge


Superior double room FOR ONE

£99 supplement


Standard twin room FOR TWO

no additional charge


Dorm room FOR FOUR

no additional charge

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How to book

To make a booking or to receive further information, please complete the enquiry form. Once we have received your details, we will get in touch with specific details and booking instructions. 


How will our Live the Language immersion trip help?

R&R’s Live the Language is an investment in capability and confidence. 

The trip ensures immersion and creates the magic of momentum so vital in taking language skills to the next level. Language acquisition starts with repeated listening, and then slowly seeps into reading, writing and speaking: a process that requires immersion. 

Over the course of the trip, students target exam skills in a Spanish-speaking environment. They will attune their ears and eyes to the language and culture, finding the confidence and words to speak and write. 

It’s an exciting process that will see students grow, both academically and personally. 

Why is the Lower Sixth a good time for an immersion trip?

Time is of the essence.

To learn a foreign language to A-Level standard, students are required to know and recall between 2,000-4,000 words, as well as countless tenses and verb formations – not something that can be crammed in the month before their exams. 

To be able to apply knowledge to use language spontaneously, students need a drip-feed approach and lots of repetition, easy during term-time with regular lessons, but the summer holidays present a challenge for students in the Lower Sixth.

However hard students have worked during their first year, whatever level they’ve reached, if they don’t maintain the focus and practice, skills will slip. The brain gets out of the habit when those Spanish neural pathways aren’t fired up any longer, and the old cliché becomes something of a truth: ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’.  

That’s why our immersion trip couldn’t be better timed. 

With daily Spanish immersion and a consolidation of skills, students won’t just maintain the level they’ve reached, they’ll exceed it, starting the Upper Sixth ahead of their peers. They’ll start the new academic year with the sound and feel of Spanish as a living thing within them, one that they’ll want to nurture.

How will students meet their own academic needs?

All tuition on the trip will target individual areas of weakness that students highlight in an academic questionnaire they’ll fill out in advance of the trip. Group sessions will cover any difficulties identified by students, acting as revision for those who already get the concept, and consolidation for those who don’t. 

One-to-one tuition sessions and conversation classes will further hone individual skills, focusing on just what the student needs to feel equipped.

We don’t have a blanket approach to individual learning.

What makes RETREATS AND REVISION different?

Students will get all their academic needs met with experts who really care about their individual progress. 

There are no other companies offering such tailored and expert trips that combine full language immersion, rich cultural experiences, strong focus on A-Level topics and vocabulary, expert academic guidance, individual support, and small single-sex groups (we have a maximum of nine students per trip). 

En pocas palabras …

We’re specialists. 

With cultural tours in Spanish, tailored tuition with an experienced examiner, Spanish spoken in the house with a native speaker who will correct mistakes and weed out bad habits, visiting speakers from a variety of fields, conversation sessions that replicate the A-Level speaking exam, and daily immersion in the Spanish way of life, language skills and confidence will blossom. 

And grades will reflect that. 

Covid-19 / Coronavirus

10 March 2020

R&R prioritises health and wellbeing. 

As things currently stand, all of our trips are continuing as normal. 

Should the UK Foreign Office advise against travel in and out of Spain, the situation will be deemed an "Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstance" (UEC). 

If travel in and out of Spain is considered an UEC at the time of the scheduled revision trip or retreat, under the Package Travel Regulations, all R&R customers will be entitled to a full refund, or a place on another revision trip or retreat at a different time. 

If there is no such change in FCO advice and travel restrictions, R&R trips will run as scheduled and no full refunds or alternatives will apply if you choose to cancel. Please refer to R&R’s Terms and Booking Conditions for details of cancellations and charges.

If you have any concerns or require further clarification, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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